Tuesday, October 12, 2010


See how legendary copywriters
write their sales letters
Dear Business Builder,
If you haven’t gotten over there, I’ve been posting fully scanned magalogs, space ads and direct mail at our Direct Response Marketing Forum.
It’s stuff from top copywriters, stuff I’ve gotten in the mail or found in magazines.
It’s a goldmine, really.
Because you get to see how the best in the business convince people to respond to an offer.
And I want to make sure you’re adding this stuff to your collection. Because these are some of the most valuable learning tools a copywriter or marketer can get his hands on.
Let’s start off with a bang …

“Kent Komae’s Joint Advantage promotion launched the specialty supplement business in direct mail. It may be the most mailed piece of all time in the vitamin market for a solo product.”
– Richard Stanton Jones
And it’s all yours! Just click on the link to open the file or right click and select ‘save as’ to download the file:
And here’s a real-life Dan Rosenthal sales letter. If you don’t know, Dan Rosenthal is a legendary copy chief who chiefed guys like Clayton and Gary Bencivenga when they were coming up in the business.
Besides being a copywriter, Dan was also founder and editor of The Silver and Gold Report. So this letter for Natural Resources Hunter is actually signed by Dan because he’s a guru in this industry.
He’s also known for his brutal critiques. One story from a top writer was about how a critique he received from Dan consisted of only two words – Dreary Hackjob.
And here’s a virtual cornucopia of swipes for your file (remember to right click and select ‘save as”) :
Swipes of direct mail with fantastic use of involvement devices:
That should about do it for today.
And if you want to learn the secrets of how many of these top copywriters think through a project check out these interviews Clayton did:
To your faster success,

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